“Move over Glastonbury: Catfest combines cats, music and helps animals in need” — The Independent



“Catfest is a chance for the cat-obsessed to connect with other kitty lovers. It’s promising to be
quite a show, from veggie food lapped up with feline-inspired cocktails to meeting shelter kittens”
Evening Standard

“Finally the first festival for cat lovers arrives in London.
A pot-pourri of all-things-cat: food, art, books, films and talks, it’s destined to be a sure-fire hit”
Vogue Italia

“Cats deserve celebration, yet we hardly ever honour their brilliance. So we’re very excited that
London will be home to a cat festival, featuring all sorts of treats and lovely stories about cats”
The Metro

“Every cat lover’s dream festival”
Travel + Leisure

“Alternative festival offering much more than music…. All the cats your heart desires”
You magazine

“The purrfect place to take a date”

“A dream of a festival drawing people from around the globe and helping cats in need”
The Observer

“A whole festival devoted to cats…. we all know one person for whom this would be a dream come true”
Lad Bible

“From feline fancy dress to kitty-themed cocktails, this
gathering of cat fanatics promises to be all kinds of puuurfect”
Sunday Times

“Cat lovers are not going to want to miss this event”
The Mirror

“Clear your diaries, a cat festival is coming to London this summer”
Yahoo Style

“Love cats? Fancy a holiday to London? You’re in luck: Catfest promises plenty of kitty-related fun”
Western Australia newspaper

“Cat lovers will be delighted and visitors from Europe, the US and Australia will be flocking to attend this sold-out festival”
Lonely Planet

“An exciting, finely-curated festival for cat lovers”
— Catnip Times

“London’s Catfest is set to rival the American Catcon in LA”
Katzenworld blog

“An utterly purrfect cat festival is coming London. And the headliners will be cuter than at Glasto”
— Secret London

“It looks like a real treat for anyone who’s proud to say they’re a cat person’’
Refinery 29

“Play with rescue cats, get to know the big names of ‘Cat Lit’, hear Jeffrey Masson talk about
The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats. Or just have kitty-themed cakes and cocktails with other cat-lovers”
Financial Times

“Cats, as great as they are, will be honoured in London with a festival entirely dedicated to them”
Paris Match

“Stop the mewsic: London is getting its own cat festival. This isn’t an indie-music fest with
cat-filled marquees. It’s a day for the cat-mad to stock up on treats, toys and tiny diamanté glasses”
Time Out

“Forget music festivals, a cat festival is coming to London. It sounds purr—fect and sure to sell out”
London on the Inside

“Love cats? Don’t miss this. Catfest will be the most important festival on the feline-culture calendar”
Time Out Barcelona

“London’s reaching peak kitty love with Catfest … showcasing innovative products, kitty-themed
cakes and cocktails, feline literature and art, and inspiring talks—all while helping cats in need”
Lonely Planet

“UK cat lovers, rejoice! The UK’s first ever cat festival will make its debut in London”
Conscious Cat

“A must for anyone who loves cats. Cat cafés are big in Japan, but London’s getting its own kitty festival”
Expressen newspaper (Sweden)

“If there’s one thing this island nation—hell, the world—loves more than Sunday dinner. And that’s cats.
So CATFEST is here and it might be the first festival to genuinely change your life”
Loading Life

“There’s a festival coming to London and people are feline it… the purr-fect distraction”
IB Times

“Paw blimey! Catfest will feature almost everything… cat films, books, kitty cocktails and shelter cats”
Good Animals

“If you’re a self-confessed crazy cat lady, we’ve got the ultimate furry-friend event for you.
We know you’re excited to get your paws all over this festival, but you’ll have to wait…”
The Fix

“London seems to be the city where everything happens. Next summer there’s a cat festival
and you definitely don’t want to miss this. We’ve already booked tickets!”
Metro Mode magazine (Sweden)

“Catfest’s one more reason to visit London. Yes a cat festival because they deserve to be celebrated”
Flair magazine (France)

“Go in fancy dress, perfect your feline-flick eyeliner at the Glamour Puss beauty bar, listen to cat-lit talks
from feline-loving writers like Gwen Cooper, fall in love at the Meow Parlour adoption lounge”

“Already have plans for the summer? Cancel them, this cat festival is more important!”
Go London

“One of the most exciting festivals of the summer. On the menu: cat-shaped pastries, vegan food,
cat books, art, designer furniture and accessories and purring kittens at the Meow Parlour”
Le Bonbon magazine (France)

“Cats deserve all our love and more. Now there’s a thrilling new festival for them
and the people who adore them—and all for a good cause”
Biba magazine (France)

“Think a Mews Market of cat toys, books, art, films, drinks, vegan food, rescue cats, with big-name
feline experts and writers… Strays author Britt Collins is also the star of this amazing festival”
Britblog (Netherlands)

“Listen up right meow all ailurophiles, next summer you may want to book a flight to London”
Vagabond (Sweden)

“Finally, a festival devoted to this wonderful animal! Cat lovers will be able to immerse themselves in the feline universe with the most stylish accessories and tastiest food for cats and people”
Wamiz pets (France)

“Cats and pop culture meet in London’s first cat festival and it will be amazing”
Mochas, Mysteries, Meows

“Cat lovers are planning an unforgettable event…
a celebration of all things feline. Mark your diary.”
Londra da Vivere magazine (Italy)

“July 14th is a national holiday in France, but on the
other side of the Channel it’s much more … the first-ever
festival dedicated to cats and will be so perfect”
Spot a Home( France)

“Well this is exciting and why I might have to
book the next flight right back to London”